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January 02 2009

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YouTube - Girls In Tech

December 30 2008

Protest In Palo Alto Against Facebook's Removal of Breastfeeding Photos : Indybay

A controversy began in 2007 when a young mother's profile photo of her nursing her infant suddenly disappeared from the social networking website Facebook. There was no explanation as to why the photo was removed, and Facebook has not responded to her inquiries. Despite queries from other women who have found similar family photos removed over the last year, Facebook still hasn’t changed its policy.

On December 27th, about twenty demonstrators gathered in front of Facebook's headquarters in Palo Alto to protest discrimination against nursing mothers. They told members of the press that in some cases their family pictures have been reported as "obscene" and they have been warned by Facebook that if they repost the photos they risk being banned from the online site.
via facebook-breastfeeding_12-27-08.jpg (JPEG-Grafik, 640x480 Pixel)

Note the link to Riseup's Crabgrass social networking site on the door http://we.riseup.net
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